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Jacques is the founder of Revival Worship Centre in Cape Town,South Africa.He has an international ministry and is in great demand as a conference speaker.God called him from a young age as a Prophet and he flows very strongly in the prophetic Anointing.He is a spiritual father to many,and believes that the strength of Christianity is the local church. In his meetings you can expect to be stirred, changed and transformed by the Holy Ghost.There is a strong anointing of healing and financial breakthrough upon his ministry which will be released into all areas of your life, ministry  and business.

He is the youngest son of the late, well known South African Evangelist, Nicky van der Westhuizen. Who travelled all around South Africa and Internationally preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ in mass crusades and many were healed from incurable illnesses.

Evangelist Nicky van der Westhuizen Senior


At the young age of 13 he separated himself unto the Lord and felt the Holy Spirit directing him into a time of preparation and separation unto Him. He went into a 4 year period of seclusion and spent every free moment praying and worshiping God in his bedroom. The future calling to be a Prophet to the nations was birthed inside of him.Being in that place was his greatest joy and the ultimate fulfilment. While other boys were doing normal activities such as playing rugby and going to Movie Theatres, all Jacques could think about was being in God’s presence and never felt that he was missing out on anything; in fact, to him it was enrichment and can clearly be seen as a time of spiritual maturing.

He travelled and served his father in ministry for a number of years and remained very close to him as he mentored his son for many hours teaching him valuable lessons of ministry and the meaning of having a true relationship with the Holy Spirit.  Nicky van der Westhuizen was not only his natural father but also his spiritual father and mentor. The mantel that was once on his father can be seen and recognized upon Jacques as he ministers.

At age 17 he met his wife, Maria Hayward (a well know Gospel Singer and recording Artist) He also preached at his first Youth Camp. Jacques still travelled with his father until his life was cut short in a tragic and unexpected car accident in 1993.

Preaching engagements starting pouring in and although he was only 18 years old he was a favourite amongst young and old. He arranged Crusades all around the Eastern Cape in order to spread the gospel of Jesus.  Athletics and Rugby Stadiums were packed out with over 3000 to 5000 people per night as people poured in to hear this radical, life changing message about how much God loves, how He heals, how they could be restored and give their lives to Him. City Halls and Conference Centres were packed to capacity and meetings would sometimes be extended to 3 weeks at a time as people remained hungry for a touch from God. Miracles and Healings took place and many lives were permanently impacted by the glory of God. He travelled and ministered all across South Africa for many years.

One Easter, in 1998 he was invited to preach at a Conference in Pretoria. What was meant to be two meetings, turned into an eight month Revival. People flew in from Port Elizabeth, Durban, and Cape Town and from all the different towns in the area. Preachers flew in from America as the news travelled about this awesome Revival. Healings, signs, wanders and miracles took place. To describe it in the natural would be impossible, but those who were there will never forget the great impartation and touch from God that was present.

In September of 1999, Jacques and Maria were married and when their eldest son, Juan was born they moved from Pretoria to C.T, where they were assistant Pastors to a large local ministry. 4 years later they planted their own ministry called Revival Worship Centre. They poured everything they had into starting the Centre that God had commissioned them to open. RWC started in a small factory building which could only host 250 people. After 7 months the building grew too small to hold all the numbers, they then moved to another building which could seat about 450 people and after 2 years the building had reached its maximum capacity. Once again they had to move to the building that they are currently worshiping in, which seats around +-/1500 people of which +-/900 are committed members.



Revival Worship Centre was in God’s plan all along, as the Lord spoke to both Jacques and Maria about having a ministry home base. Jacques moves strongly in all 5 fold ministries as an Apostle, Prophet, Teacher, Pastor and Evangelist, but his strongest calling is that of an Evangelist. For 7 years he had put the call of Evangelist aside to establish Revival Worship Centre as God had instructed him to do. After establishing the ministry as a home base and raising up a strong and loyal assistant Pastor and ministry team, he is now free to travel and evangelize more often and travels both nationally and internationally spreading Revival Fire wherever God may lead him.



Although being a dynamic and fervent preacher he is a very quiet person to those who know him. Jacques is highly respected among young and old and is confident about the mandate that God has bestowed upon him. He has never been affected or influenced by negative opinions of man and only seeks God and God’s will. He has relationships with great men of God who he esteems highly, who speak into his life and offer wise council such as Pastor Fred Roberts and Pastor John Torrens from Durban Christian Centre and Pastor Jimmy Crompton from Word of Faith in Port Elizabeth. Jacques has also had the privilege of ministering at Evangel Cathedral in Washington D.C and once again has been greatly influenced by their Bishop, Don Mears, who has imparted invaluable, life and ministry mentorship into his life.








Although the above Biography was written to introduce you to the man…the ultimate and only goal of this ministry is to turn people’s eyes upon Jesus. He deserves the honour, the glory and the praise and our focus remains only on Him…


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